About the design of the canter

November, 1993 full model changeover. With the window of the passenger side which changes a door outer steering wheel in a vertical flap type in a projector type in the headlight (low beam) of some car models (in a flap type horizontal for the seventh generation), it is a change in the same design adopted with a fighter for the second generation when I changed the model of it fully in 1992. I follow this design for the later seventh generation. The microbus using the chassis of this model is made in Taiwan. In addition, as for the front disc brake car, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. becoming alone is made in this class, and it is the ventilated disk brakes of the twin caliper type that the company has a patent as "a twin caliper type disc brake", and even a model is followed for the next seventh generation. Appoint Emiri Henmi as CM; the copy at the time "Emiri Buddy Canter."
I announce pump fire engine "MX-I" of the joint development with Morita in 1994. I adopt a cab and a design with a sense of unity of the body and I extend the livability of the cab in comparison with a normal compact-disc interactive type pump car and am equipped with AT. I adopted all shutter methods on a body.

Japanese Used Truck Mitsubishi Canter