With the van which is high in popularity in a Japanese used car, the reason?

There is the thing which Japan can be proud of to the world really a lot.
Much one clears a product brought about by superior technique and research feeling, the problems of the existing product in that and think that the ability to bring about the thing which canceled it is not defeated by which other countries either.
In the automotive industry, the excellence roars all over the world.
It never becomes the reason even if it is a used car if I lower the evaluation.
Rather there are many places that strongly demand a Japanese used car from an economic reason and, depending on a country, is used habitually as a new car for a long time in Japan, and form to play an active part abroad afterwards becomes the flow of the recent car consumption.
For example, van type, this are the car models that, in particular, are high in overseas popularity.
About the sex No-mask, I may have been already recognized in all the countries of the world, and there will be few people minding this.
And reasons seem to be different by the country to be proud of the popularity that a van is high in.
The vans which the number of people that there is many it can get on in one will be that it seems to me more attractively than which type if it is a circumstance as hard as possible to own one car in family.
And I only leave the results and already choose nature and this type as a commercial vehicle if it is a purpose using by work.